Our Approach

The success of any construction project is centered around three very important variables: schedule, budget, and of course, quality.  The problems we see in contemporary construction projects are buildings far behind schedule and way over budget resulting in adverse relations among the owner, general contractor and  architect.  Ultimately, the overall quality of the final product is affected.  Logically, owners get very frustrated with the process.  There is a better way!

ARCHITECTUS has joined with other industry leaders in adopting the Integrated project delivery (IPD) method as an integral part of their business philosophy.  This structure of collaborative alliances between talented people, integrative systems, insightful business practices changes the construction process by harnessing the expertise of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction.  ARCHITECTUS takes each project through eight main sequential phases in the integrated project delivery process:

  • Conceptualization phase which involves project feasibilty and programming
  • Criteria design phase, an expanded schematic design phase
  • Detailed design phase, typically referred to as design development
  • Implementation of the construction documents phase
  • Agency review phase
  • Buyout phase
  • Construction phase
  • Project closeout phase

ARCHITECTUS has created individual “project studios”, which are designed to assemble  the appropriate team of experts for each particular project type.  At the conception of each project, members within each studio will collaborate together and consider the implications on the whole construction process with the incentive to maximize value for the owner and increase the overall project quality. This collaborative approach allows for informed decision making early in the project where the most value can be created.  It identifies and resolves key construction problems early in the process.  This close collaboration eliminates a great deal of waste in the design, and allows for information to be shared directly between the design and construction team.  This kind of comprehensive communication eliminates large barriers which result in increased productivity during construction saving both time and money.

ARCHITECTUS Custom Residential Studio was created for the purpose of bringing together a team of professionals who have the design and construction expertise to produce top quality residential estate projects.  Ideal project types range from 4,000 s.f. to 12,000 s.f. in size and have a construction budget between $250 to $450 per square foot.   The ARCHITECTUS Custom Residential Studio team likes to serve their residential clients with the highest level of personal service; therefore, this studio only executes two to three projects of this type per year.  Upon careful review and selection smaller projects would be considered.

ARCHITECTUS  Hospitality Studio is focused to serve companies in both the boutique hotel and restaurant industries.  This particular team of design and construction professionals have the expertise to take a hotel project from conceptual design through to completion.  For those clients in the restaurant industry, the ARCHITECTUS  Hospitality Studio can bring together the right team of architectural/interior designers, engineers, kitchen consultants, fabricators and builders needed for either brand new or multi-unit concepts.  This studio is particularly equipped to take a single or dual unit concept to the next level into solid brand image rolling out three to four units per year.

ARCHITECTUS  Museum/Gallery Studio was developed with an understanding of the unique needs art-based non-profit organizations have.  These organizations have particular political, financial and operational challenges which have an impact on the design, construction and management of their facilities.  For these unique clients, the ARCHITECTUS  Museum/Gallery Studio team has the expertise to respond to these challenges.   Whether the need is specific like special lighting and mechanical design requirements or more general like site master planning and architectural in nature ARCHITECTUS can lead organizational CEO’s, facility and project managers through the process of effective project planning and implementation.

ARCHITECTUS  Product Design Studio was birthed out of desire to better serve their clients and respond to changes in the marketplace which would provide new business opportunites.   ARCHITECTUS’  Product Design Studio is in the concept stage of developing a couple of pilot products in 2013 which will hopefully be launched in the marketplace by year end.