Expert Witnessing

ARCHITECTUS is committed to providing ethical and expert architectural consultation support services for design professionals, owners, contractors, attorneys and other members of the construction industry involved in damages claims, investigations, witness and testimony support in the resolution of legal disputes arising from technical failures to contractual issues.

With the wide range of experience in residential, restaurant and medical design, ARCHITECTUS offers a broad portfolio of expertise within the field of Forensic Architecture.   Subjects include:

  • Forensics
    Forensic and Investigative Services
    Site and Building Assessments
    Dispute resolution strategies
    Mediation and Arbitration
    Building Condition Surveys and Due Diligence
    Expert testimony
  • Cost Estimating
    Area and Volume Analysis
    Quantity Surveys
  • Roles of the Parties to Construction
    Owners, Architects and Engineers
    Contractors, Subcontractors and Manufacturers
  • Standard of Care for Design Professionals
    Licensure and Ethics
    Contract Documents and Contract Administration
  • Construction Industry Documents
    AIA B141, A101, A201
    Standard Usage
  • Construction Technology
    Constructability and Quality Control
  • Project Delivery Methodology
    Traditional Triad
  • Accessibility Standards
    ADA Plan Reviews
    Site Inspections and Assessment
    Preliminary plan reviews
    Preliminary inspections


DESCRIPTION OF  SERVICES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Plans Review / Assessment – Consultation in development or review and examination of architectural project construction drawings and specifications.

Architectural Details Analysis – Provide consultation or analysis in development of complex architectural project construction details.

Contracts / Specifications Review – Review and assessment of construction contracts in conjunction with integrity of technical project manuals.

Expert Witness / Litigation Support – Provide expert testimony, analysis of testimony, and preparation of exhibits and reports.

Architectural / Construction Forensics – Perform non-destructive investigation and analysis of existing buildings for varying degrees of damage or failures of building components.

Building Defects Investigation / Analysis –Determination of building defects due to water infiltration AND vapor transmission.

Building Condition Surveys / Due Diligence – Execute comprehensive building condition surveys in post construction phase or due diligence examination and report of existing facility.

Construction Contract Administration / Observation – Consultation in project/program management; observation of building construction progress and conformance to construction documents.