Client List












Museum of Latin American Art
Oceanic Art Museum
Gumbiner Foundation
Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Thomas Properties Group
The Kor Group
Aramark Corporation

St. Francis Medical Center
Associated Urologists of Orange County
Westside Neighborhood Clinic

505 Café Aramark Corporation, 1 unit
Gravy Individual Investor, 1 unit
Kabo Café Individual Investor, 1 unit
Mangia Mangia Individual Investor, 1 unit
Original Pancake House Individual Franchise, 2 units
Satellite Kitchen (Sheraton Delfina) The Kor Group, 1 unit
Shabu-Shabu Concept Design, Individual, 1 unit
Saffron Individual Investor, 1 unit
Trader’s Ridge Resort Restaurant Gumbiner Foundation, 1 unit
Trattoria Limon Individual Investor, 1 unit
Velvet Yogurt Individual Investor, 1 unit

1234 Development Residence 1800 sq. ft. custom home Modern Style
Franklin Addition 5500 sq. ft. Custom home French Normandy style
Kruizenga Residence 3500 sq. ft. custom home Traditional American
Gerutto/ Residence 4000 sq. ft. custom home Tuscany Style
Roblez Residence 4,000 sq. ft. custom home Spanish Revival Style
Rosenow Residence 2,800 sq. ft custom home Colonial Revival Style
Fritzgerald Residence 4,600 sq. ft custom home Tudor Style

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